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Effect of Mamata Banerjee’s ‘mantra’ becoming a millionaire: BJP MLAs sell tea-biscuits-telewaza-ghugni in front of the state assembly

Protests over CM Mamata Banerjee’s remarks on employment before Durga Puja 2022. BJP MLAs sell ‘Ghugni’ and ‘Jhalmuri’ in front of the gate of West Bengal Assembly. Making ‘Jhalmuri’ with a knife in hand! Making fun of the Chief Minister’s remarks, BJP MLAs staged a unique protest at the gate of the Assembly.

What did Mamata Banerjee say?

Recently, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has advised people to start with tea-biscuit, ghugni, telebhaja and collect kashful from the streets and do business. Mamta said, “I am saying, take a thousand rupees, buy a kettle with it and some earthenware. Take some biscuits with it. It will grow slowly. Take some biscuits in the first week, then the next. Week ask your mother to make some ghughni. Next week, fry some oil bhaja. Sit with one tool and another table. Durga puja is coming. I assure you that you will not be able to meet the demand of the people. If any Tells you sarcastically doing this? Say how will I become a millionaire.”

BJP MLAs sold Ghugni, Jhalmuri

Recently, the Chief Minister said this at an official function in Kharagpur. After this, BJP MLAs joined the dharna at the end of the assembly session on Thursday. In front of gate number 2 of the assembly, some MLAs sell ghugni, some MLAs sell tea and some jhalmuri!

formula to become millionaire

Asansol South BJP MLA Agnimitra Paul said, ‘We also want to become crorepati, the formula given by the Chief Minister, so we are doing it. Incidentally, many questions have been raised regarding employment in the state. The saffron camp has already protested against the ruling party over the issue of not getting jobs despite passing and getting jobs without giving exams. However, BJP MLAs took to the streets with the dream of making the unemployed crorepatis.

TMC defends Mamta

Finance Minister and Trinamool MLA Chandrima Bhattacharya said, “The Chief Minister did not say so. Chandrima further reminded, “The Chief Minister said that a total of 30,000 people will be given job certificates in all the districts before the puja. Apart from this, 89 thousand teachers will be appointed in the coming days. Those taking skill training can also teach. TMC government has already appointed 2 lakh 63 thousand teachers. 10 thousand professors have been appointed in the college.

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