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Demonetisation, GST designed to destroy SMEs: Rahul

He says it was a financial attack on small traders to clear the way for the big players.

He says it was a financial attack on small traders to clear the way for the big players.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi were a well-thought-out strategy to destroy small and medium businesses in the country to clear the way for big players.

He was addressing a public meeting in Chalakudy in connection with the Bharat Jodi Yatra on Thursday.

“Many thought that demonetisation was a mistake made by the Prime Minister without understanding the consequences. This is not true. The PM knew exactly what would happen to the country due to demonetisation.”

“It was an economic attack on the small traders of the country. It was designed to destroy their cash flow and businesses. He knew very well that when small/medium businessmen are deprived of cash flow even for a short period of time, they are exhausted. Lakhs and lakhs of small/medium businesses got wiped out,” Mr Gandhi said.

“The Prime Minister did not stop here. He did the GST It was again designed to break the backbone of small businesses. The idea was to introduce complex taxes. To give time to businessmen to file GST month after month. To put pressure on them and harass them,” he said.

“You know how demonetisation and GST affected small and medium players in different sectors and they continue to affect them.”

Do you think demonetisation and GST are harming big businessmen? Do you think they affect their cash flow? They were designed to get you out of the way of the big players,” he told the traders.

“Five or six big businesses running the entire show in the country – that’s Mr. Modi’s vision of India,” Mr. Gandhi said.

“The reason is simple. Small/medium businesses don’t fund him. They don’t have TV channels. They can’t control the narrative of the country.”

“Something similar happened during COVID. The entire tourism industry was wiped out. So were the rubber, cashew and coir sectors. Lakhs and lakhs of people lost their jobs. The way has been cleared for the big players. During COVID, when the lockdown was imposed without any notice, the workers were walking. PM did not help them. But he waived off the taxes worth lakhs of crores of big businessmen.”

“When a small/medium trader cannot repay his loan he is a criminal and his house and everything will be taken away from him. But when a big business fails to repay the loan then it is called as NPA. What we ask is fairness. One rule for everything. ,

He said, ‘The BJP government is dividing the country by inciting hatred. Unemployment is increasing manifold. The prices of essential goods are skyrocketing. The Bharat Jodi Yatra is to address issues that are affecting the common man,” Mr Gandhi said.


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