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Crew, passengers evacuated from Air India Express’s Muscat-Kochi flight after smoke warning

Passengers and crew on an Air India Express Muscat-Cochin flight were evacuated at Oman’s Muscat airport on Wednesday after smoke and fire were reported in one of the aircraft’s engines. All the occupants of the flight were evacuated using slides and no casualties have been reported.

Engine no. I saw smoke and fire. 2 of an AI Express Boeing 737-800 Muscat-Cochin flight during taxiing for take-off. All 145 passengers, including six crew members and four infants, were evacuated to the taxiway and taken to the terminal building as a precaution. Director General of Civil Aviation Arun Kumar informed that a relief flight will be organized for the passengers. Indian Express,

Kumar further said, “We will investigate and take appropriate action.”

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