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Corporation says only 52% of owners have paid their property taxes

The last date to pay property tax without penalty is 30 September.

The last date to pay property tax without penalty is 30 September.

With the deadline to pay property tax for the first half of 2022-23 ending on September 30, only 52% of assessees in the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) limit have paid tax so far.

Out of around 13 lakh taxpayers in the city, around 6.88 lakh have paid their property tax so far. The amount collected was ₹ 570 crore. Compliance is relatively better among large taxpayers with assets of 50,000 square feet or more. Of these, about 63 per cent have paid.

With more people expected to pay in the last week of the deadline, the corporation expects the collection to reach around Rs 650 crore by September 30, after which the civic body may impose penalty for delayed payment.

With almost half of the taxpayers yet to pay their tax, it is noteworthy that the tax collected so far for the half-yearly period from April to September in 2022-23 amounted to ₹570 crore from the wealth tax collected in 2021. has crossed 75%. -22 for the entire year period. This significant increase in tax collection is mainly due to the amendment in property tax which came into effect from April 1, 2022.

Vishu Mahajan, Deputy Commissioner (Revenue and Finance) of the Corporation appealed to the public to pay the property tax for the period April to September by 30 September and said that minor glitches in the online payment system have been rectified. He said the civic body had received some complaints regarding long pending payments, but they were resolved after consultations with banks providing payment gateways.

He said that out of all the payments received so far, around 60% have been received through online mode. “Before the pandemic, it was very little. The pandemic and the availability of UPI (Unified Payment Interface) have given a huge boost to online modes of payment,” he said.

The GCC on its website provides options for the public to check, calculate and pay their taxes.

5,000 petitions

Based on the revised count, over 5,000 people have objected to their property tax assessment.

With each of these complaints requiring direct hearing by the officers, sources in the corporation said these complaints were being addressed gradually.

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