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Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh’s honesty: ‘Many thieves in my department, I am their head’

Bihar Agriculture Minister Sudhakar Singh termed the officers and employees of his department as “thieves” and quipped that it made him the “chief of thieves”. “There are many thieves in my department and they are stealing money. Being in charge of the department, I become their head. There are many other chiefs above me. This government is old and its working style is also old,” he said on Sunday in Kaimur district. Addressing a gathering of farmers in the state, he said that it is the duty of the common people to alert the government.

He said, “If you burn effigies, I will realize that something is wrong. But if you don’t, I believe everything is fine.”

Singh, the son of RJD state president Jagdanand Singh and MLA from Ramgarh in Kaimur, holds an important ministry in the Nitish Kumar government.

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