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Bharat Jodi Yatra is a Dakshinayana movement where the influence of the South is carried towards the North: Yogendra Yadav

Political analyst and social activist Yogendra Yadav on Wednesday alleged that Karnataka has one of the “most corrupt governance and worst politics of hate” and said the Congress’ Bharat Jodi Yatra here will witness its first political test.

Karnataka, which has Basavanna’s legacy and a range of progressive thinkers and writers, provides one of the deepest cultural resources to take on this politics of hate, he said in an interview. He described India Jodo Yatra as a Dakshinayana Movement of India, where the influences of the South are carried to the North. Interview excerpts:

In 2019, you said that if Congress cannot protect the idea of ​​India it will have to die. Now you are supporting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s India Jodi Yatra. Why did you change your stand?

I clearly stated then that the metaphor of death meant that alternative politics should act as if the Congress did not exist. The fundamental position remains unchanged, that our country faces an unprecedented threat from the RSS and the BJP. In 2019, I expressed my deep disappointment and anger at the inability of the Congress to take on the BJP in the most important election. I continue this. I have no reason to change my sense of despair and dismay that the BJP got another victory in such an important election. Now, we are at the very edge of a cliff. What is at stake is nothing less than the existence of our Constitution, the acceptance of the values ​​of our freedom struggle and the legacy of our civilization. So everyone who is alive today is indebted to himself and the country that he invests all possible energy in this mission of saving the country. When there is a fire in your home, there are only two factors. Those who bring buckets of water for any purpose and those who carry petrol bottles with any desire. At that time you do not say that you had a fight with the one who brought the bucket of water.

Question: Will this support to Congress continue even after the completion of Bharat Jodi Yatra?

Answer: While supporting the Bharat Jodi Yatra, we have clearly said that we are not tying ourselves to any political party or leader. We have opposed Congress in the past too. We will do it if needed in future. If any of the other political parties take a big initiative to protect our country, we will support that too. It is about protecting the country and nothing less than that. What Rahul Gandhi is doing today, we support him. If tomorrow Stalin or the Left parties do this, we will support them. Everyone who has a bucket or a glass of water is my ally.

Question: Elections are going to be held in Karnataka in about six months from now. Will you continue to support Congress if it continues to “protect the nation”?

A: We have no alliance with Congress. We have given only one-time support to this campaign called Bharat Jodo Yatra, which appears to be one of the major initiatives to combat hatred. Yes, choice matters. But I am not interested in that because we aim for something bigger. Above all, now it is most important to come on the streets. Showing courage and courage is what matters now. Some people will have to come out on the streets and say that we reject the politics of hate.

You have been talking about fighting the politics of hate and protecting the secular fabric. How do you want to do this?

I have always believed that the fight to protect the secular fabric of the country cannot be fought on the basis of secular ideology alone. When people speak the high language of secularism, most god-devout, temple-, mosque- and church-goers do not belong to it, although their cultural nature is secular. Therefore, I will make the economy my mainstay for the fight because they (BJP) have failed us in managing the economy. They cannot control unemployment and inflation. They came up with crazy proposals like demonetisation and badly executed GST. They are bringing up Hindu-Muslim and Hindu-Christian issues to hide their failures. i ask them MathsBut they talk about the hijab.

How important is BJP ruled Karnataka for Bharat Jodi Yatra?

Karnataka is witnessing one of the most corrupt regimes ever. The first serious political test of the yatra will be in Karnataka. The yatra started from Kanyakumari where BJP has a small presence, but Congress is also present there. In Kerala, which was the next state, the BJP is not a significant player. It is only when the yatra enters Karnataka, which has seen one of the most vicious politics of hate in recent times, we can really see how the public reacts to it. I am also looking forward to Karnataka as it is one of the most vibrant civil societies. While Karnataka is witnessing one of the worst politics of hate, it has also provided one of the most vibrant cultural resources to fight it. It has seen progressive writers like Kuvempu, Ananthamurthy, Girish Karnad and Devanur Mahadev. Basavanna has a legacy. Karnataka provides one of the deepest cultural resources to deal with this politics of hate. I am hopeful that when the Yatra passes through Karnataka, it will take some of these properties to the rest of the country. i call it a Dakshinayana Movement of India, where the influences of the South are carried to the North.

Q: What are your travel plans for Karnataka?

A: When the Yatra enters Karnataka from Gundlupet on 30th September, it will be welcomed by a delegation of eminent people in Karnataka. A group of civil society will walk together during this visit. I invite everyone who wants to save this country from hatred, even if it is only a day’s visit. Bengaluru is the national capital for NGOs. I invite everyone to come and walk in, even for a day. be on the road Don’t just support with your social media accounts. Today the country wants to see its feet on the road. That gives courage. For me this journey is important because seeing thousands of people on the road gives courage to everyone. The whole success of BJP politics is that it makes everyone feel lonely. Millions of people in this country who oppose this politics of hate feel that they are alone. How can millions be alone? They have to realize that they are not alone.

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