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A great example of social engineering with online dispute resolution agency: Nandan Nilekani

Infosys chairman and co-founder Nandan Nilekani said on Sunday that over 16 million disputes have been covered in the online dispute resolution (ODR) system in the country, two years after NITI Aayog took the initiative to push for ODR.

He was addressing graduating students at the 30th Annual Convocation of National Law School of India University (NLSIU) and spoke about the importance of social engineering and better informal systems where many legal issues in the country can be resolved.

Mr Nilekani recalled how two years ago, several stakeholders including businesses, ODR providers, government and legal services officials took a pledge and as a result, progress can be seen today.

ODR. use of

ODR refers to the resolution of disputes through technology and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes. He said that more than 100 companies and 40 government departments now use ODR. He also cited a recent incident where a non-profit organization called Aajeevika Bureau employed ODR to resolve over 3,000 wage disputes between migrant laborers and their contractors in the time of pandemic.

He said that it is necessary to strengthen the structures and systems not only within the government but also in industry and civil society. He explained how the lack of effective systems and structures affects the poor and marginalized and at the same time widens the gap of opportunity.

“We need this form of social engineering – this new leadership with agency – to urgently advance our law and justice systems”, said Mr. Nilekani, referring to the need to design new futuristic systems of business, government and society. He said pointing. To reduce friction, provide scope for variation and prevent issues from arising.

medal presentation

After two virtual convocations in 2020 and 2021, NLSIU celebrated this year’s ceremony at the Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad International Convention Center at the GKVK campus. Uday Umesh Lalit, Chief Justice of India and Chancellor of NLSIU conferred degrees to graduate students as well as gold medalists.

A total of 829 students, including six from the PhD programme, one from the Master of Philosophy, 53 from the Master of Public Policy, 40 from the Master of Law, 76 from the Bachelor of Arts and Law (Honours), and 653 from Online. Hybrid education programs graduated this year.

Chief Justices of various High Courts, Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts, President of Bar Council of India, Vice Chancellor of NLSIU Sudhir Krishnaswamy were present during the convocation.

Shri Krishnaswamy, who presented the annual report of NLSIU, said that the university is engaged in the formation of university clusters as per the National Policy on Education – 2020.

“We are actively engaged in building such university clusters along with the Indian Institute of Science and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. Individually, these institutions are already the best educational institutions in India in their respective fields. Together, we will be in a position to expand our academic programs and research projects into new collaborative directions. We anticipate exponential rewards arising from these collaborations, and early results should be visible this academic year,” he said.

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