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Vitamin D supplements do not reduce risk of COVID-19

As a result, vitamin D has attracted great interest due to its ability to prevent and treat COVID-19. But most studies are observational and have drawn conflicting conclusions.

The first trial, which recruited 6,200 adults (16 years and over) who were not taking vitamin D supplements at the time of enrollment, was conducted in the UK between December 2020 and June 2021.


A vitamin D blood test was provided to half the participants (3,100). Those with low levels (2,674; 86%) were given either 3200 IU/day or 800 IU/day of vitamin D supplements for six months. The other half (control) received neither the test nor the pills.

Over the six-month follow-up period, neither vitamin D supplements affected the number of identified acute respiratory tract infections or COVID-19 cases. No significant adverse events were associated with study dose, and the number of adverse events was comparable between groups.

The second trial, which used cod liver oil and contained low levels of vitamins D and A and omega-3 fatty acids, was conducted in Norway between November 2020 and June 2021.

About 34,741 adults (18-75 years old) who did not use vitamin D supplements were given 5 mL of cod liver oil or 5 mL of corn oil as a placebo daily for six months. The majority of subjects (86%) who underwent the trial started the trial with adequate vitamin D levels.

Once again, when compared to a placebo, the researchers found no difference between cod liver oil and acute respiratory infections or PCR-confirmed COVID-19. Only mild adverse effects were experienced by the cod liver oil group compared to the placebo group.

The results should be further evaluated as highly efficient vaccines were used in both studies.

Does Vitamin D Protect Against COVID-19?

Despite this, both studies had several advantages, such as excellent levels of participant compliance and the use of RT-PCR swab tests to confirm infection. The findings support other studies that showed no protective effect of vitamin D on the risk of COVID-19.

Vitamin D supplements do not seem to reduce the incidence of COVID-19 or other acute respiratory infections.

In a related editorial, Professor Peter Bergmann of Karolinska Institutet in Sweden suggested that vaccination is the most reliable way to prevent COVID-19 infection. Vitamin D and cod liver oil supplements should not be given to healthy individuals with normal vitamin D levels.

Instead, he recommends that physicians should focus on high-risk populations, such as those with darker skin or skin that gets less sun exposure, pregnant women, and older people with chronic conditions.

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