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Vaginismus: Know about the condition that can cause problems in intercourse

Because of taboos related to sex, many people do not realize when they are experiencing one. sexual health problemWhich makes the problem worse. one such sexual health concern What can affect the intimacy between couples is ‘vaginismus’, which according to Dr. Madhushree Vijayakumar, Consultant-Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Hebbal, BangaloreOccurs “when a woman’s vaginal muscles tighten involuntarily when subjected to any form of penetration”.

“Unfortunately, most women who experience this condition have no control over it. The cramping that occurs can cause the vaginal opening to narrow, interfere with intercourse, require medical tests, and may even lead to sexual intercourse. that can also merge tamponsWhich results in extremely difficult conception,” says the doctor.

She says that when penetration occurs, it can feel “quite uncomfortable and painful”, and that vaginosis also affects people who have previously “enjoyed painless intercourse”. Many women who feel sexually aroused can also have this problem.

What are the causes of vaginismus?

*Sexual abuse or trauma

“If you have experienced any kind of sexual abuse, there is a possibility that this could be the cause of vaginosis in your case. It is important that you address this problem immediately. sexual intercourse It is also driven by many mental factors, so it is advisable to visit a counselor who can help you deal with the fear of the same, which can help you enjoy a better sex life,” says Dr Madhushree says.

*painful intercourse in the past

if you have experienced painful intercourse In the past, your body’s defense mechanisms may have been activated, experts say, which may have required you to understand why you had painful sex. “It is recommended that you visit a gynecologist who can conduct a medical examination to find the root cause of your problem and suggest treatment.”

* Fear

fear of feeling pain in your vagina or your pelvic area Inserting a foreign object can also predispose you to develop the condition. Overcome your fears and understand that penetration is safe and that fear may do more harm than good – it can strain your vaginal muscles even more, leading to more pain,

* Surgery

“If you have have had any surgery in the reproductive organs Or a recent vagina, this could be the source of your problem. These conditions often get better in the months following your surgery; It is advisable to wait before attempting any kind of penetration,” says Dr Madhushree.

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If you have had an injury to your vagina in the past, it can strain the muscles. “There are some injuries that have existed since delivery, such as vaginal rupture. If so then you don’t need to worry. Contact a gynecologist who can treat it, ”says the doctor.

How is Vaginismus Treated?

Treatment revolves around relaxing tense muscles. Experts say that the gynecologist may suggest applying compound creams, which can help ease the pain.

“Your doctor may also suggest some exercises to help you relax. pelvic floor muscles, A sex therapist will also help you and your partner enjoy sexual intercourse Again. But, the role of a psychiatrist in couples therapy is highly recommended; This includes psychological assessment and evaluation,” she says.

“If you think you are suffering from vaginismus or any other problem related to your vagina, do not hesitate to show it to the doctor. There is nothing to be ashamed of,” concluded Dr. Madhushree.

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