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Understanding Meal Planning, and Why It’s Important for Weight Loss

“Overweight is a potential cause of 75 percent of our physical problems. That’s why it’s important that you always weigh between 10-15 percent of your ideal body weight, For which you should pay attention to what and how you eat as it contributes 70 per cent to your efforts to lose excess fat,” said Anupama Menon, nutritionist and food coach. As such, there are some important steps in this journey, and the one that takes the top spot is meal planHe added.

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According to her, an understanding of what you should be eating, a little preparation, a thought-out grocery list – this is what you need to start planning your meals. “Most of the time, we reach out to the wrong food when the right food is not available. That’s reason enough to plan your meals in advance,” Menon said.

diet food Here’s how you should eat your food for optimal benefits (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

step 1

The weekly grocery list is important (maybe you’ve planned a consistent diet for yourself or invested in professional help or are concerned with a plan you’ve seen benefiting someone. Either way, it step is extremely important).

step 2

Cooking everyday, especially if your day is filled with work, family, workout and what not, may not be practical. How you cook, how you cool your food, how you store cooked food is very helpful in reducing the bacterial load in food and keeping it fresh. So, when you overcook, refrigerate the food so that the flame can escape under the partially covered lid. “Once Meal Once cooled completely, use a dry spoon to divide food into single serving portions to store in a microwave safe container. Label and store these small containers on the back of the refrigerator. When necessary, use single portions, and throw away leftovers. You should never reheat batches stored this way,” Menon said.

step 3

onion chutney, ginger-garlic paste, and tomato-onion chutney, commonly used in Indian cooking, can be prepared in advance in large batches to last up to five days. “Coconut can be grated, garlic can be peeled, and greens can be trimmed for quick use when needed,” advises Menon.

step 4

prepare for early breakfast, We all feel hungry around 4-5 pm and for that you need to be prepared. “Know yourself well what to pack or keep ready for that time of day,” Menon said.

According to him, if you feel extremely hungry, a cheese sandwich, if all you need is a snack, fruits and nuts, and if crunch is what you have longed for, Makhana/BHEL is your preferred option. “The risk of health food not being available is an unreasonable outburst of love for fried samosas or pastries or packets of chips,” he said.

Step 5

keep Water In a steel or glass bottle, never plastic. “Meal preparation, in the big scheme of things, may not seem terribly important, but is actually the facilitator without which your good weight loss efforts might not be possible. So, start planning your meals!”

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