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Tummy Time for Newborns: Know Its Importance (Plus, Tips to Do It Right)

Recently, dietitian Akanksha J Sharda took to Instagram to share the importance of tummy time for newborns. on his page healthonmyplateThe expert mentioned that it is an essential activity that all newborn babies should be made to do, as he has listed many of its benefits.

“It is a real experience for parents to see their baby crawling, standing or walking for the first time as well as watching him take the first step, or say the first few words. An activity that really can help them grow tummy time, It helps your child to perform these activities even more smoothly as it strengthens their neck and shoulder muscles and also improves their motor skills,” wrote Sharda.

What exactly is tummy time?

*Tummy time refers to the act of laying to children On their stomach for a short time when they are awake.

*The most common way to start tummy time is by laying a blanket or mat on a flat floor and placing the baby on her stomach.

* You can make some noise or rattle to make your baby look in different directions or you can put one of their favorite toys and encourage them to move to get it .

*Start with 3-5 minutes for small babies, and gradually increase by a few minutes every day.

*With a newborn, you can start by placing his tummy on your chest or on your lap for 1 to 2 minutes at a time. Do this three times a day, suggests Sharda.

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Dr Sunu Udani, Medical Director and Head (Pediatric Critical Care and Emergency Services), SRCC Children’s Hospital managed by Narayana Health, agreed and said: “Babies enjoy tummy time. It helps them to get relief from gas and belching, and also increases Abdomen Reduces emptying and regurgitation. Some babies may spit up soon after a feeding, so keep a gap between feeding and tummy time.”

Tips for getting started with tummy time

* Start with short periods when the child is in a calm, receptive state. “Not when hungry or sleepy,” said Udani indianexpress.com,
* Increase frequency and duration as per tolerance.
*It may be started soon Birth, Use a feeding pillow during the initial days or don’t leave the baby alone. Hold the baby, said Udani.

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