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This Rare Condition Could Cause Your Bloody Tears

bloody tears have long been associated vampire in popular fiction. But do you know that in some cases a person can also shed tears made of blood. hemolacria or in the blood tears A condition where a person’s tears are partially or completely stained with blood. It can be due to various ophthalmic or systemic conditions, Dr Shalini Shetty, Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore Told.

What causes this?

Stating that in some cases there is no root cause of hemolacria, which he described as a “rare condition”, Professor Dr Mahipal Singh Sachdev, Chairman and Managing Director of the Center for Sight listed some possible reasons behind the condition. did.

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*hormonal changes*
,menstruation in women
*conjunctival injuries
*Injuries and trauma
*nose bleeding
*high blood pressure
*blood diseases like hemophilia,
* Blocked tear duct.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, people on blood thinners such as aspirinWarfarin, or heparin, and eye conditions such as trauma to the conjunctiva, pyogenic granuloma, lacrimal sac malignancy, etc. can also cause bloody tears, Dr. Shetty said.

other symptoms

In addition to tears soaked in blood, hemolacria manifests itself as:

*Visual disturbances/blurred vision
* with red sight
*scratch/injured eye
*Blood vessels become fragile and torn.
*persistent red tears
* Eye pain and pressure

Dr Shetty explained, “Headache, bleeding and bruising elsewhere in the body” can also be seen in the case of hemolacria.

Dr Shetty insists that one should consult their doctor so that the underlying condition can be checked and diagnosed (Source: Unsplash)


To contain the situation, Dr. Sachdev advised that eyes healthy “By doing regular eye exams and treating any underlying issues as directed by your doctor. When handling potentially dangerous objects, taking proper safety precautions and preventing eye injuries can also help prevent this.”

According to the specialist, often there is no need to treat bloody tears. However, in some severe cases, it is recommended:

*Initiate medications and use eye drops for infection depending on the cause
* Thinning and flushing to remove tears
,eye surgery in extreme cases

Dr Shetty stressed that one should consult their doctor so that the underlying condition can be checked and diagnosed.

Who is at greater risk?

Dr Sachdev said, “People who have conjunctivitis, any previous internal injury to the eye, a person who has a delicate blood vessel or tumor, are at a higher risk.”

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