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This is what ayurveda says about consuming frozen vs fresh vegetables

Frozen foods are our best friend on the days we are pressed for time or just feel lazy. Why not, they are easy to make and look delicious! But are they as healthy and nutritious as locally produced fresh foods?

Ayurvedic doctor Dr Alka Vijayan explains the difference between frozen and fresh on Instagram vegetablesand what should be better health, Take a look below.

“Frozen and fresh ones may look the same. The nutritional value may be the same. But do they ever taste the same?” Vijayan, who said that once frozen, foods lose their life or they become “paryushita or lifeless”.

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*their vitality or Ojas is taken away
They lose their sattvik quality in the process of solidification.

Diet Including more fresh vegetables in your diet may help (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Such vegetables can produce:

* Gut microbiome or de-rangement of fire
*Build up of ama or toxins
* Poor nutrition of cells

while fresh vegetables are

*easy to digest
*Ojasya or revive every cell

“In short, (by consuming frozen foods) we are eating some lifeless, nutritionally deficient food (often in the name of vitamins and fiber) that is not only difficult to digest (being gurus) but also fire. does less.gut microbiome (which keeps our bodies alive),” she wrote.

Agreed Dr. Anshu Vatsyan, Ayurvedacharya, Sanjeevani Ayurvedashala, Ludhiana and added, “Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old practice and as such, the concept of frozen food did not exist then. Also fresh food is not only good in taste, but is also good for health. Consumption of fresh foods Doing this will not only improve your fitness but also your overall health in the long term.”

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