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These 5 Habits May ‘Quietly Mess’ With Your Hormone Health

Hormone health plays a big role in maintaining overall health, and it also affects the body’s metabolism and how it reacts to the food you eat. Hormones are often responsible for how you feel, and also for any changes in the menstrual cycle, sleep, weight, certain skin problems, etc. Therefore, it is necessary for someone to make something change in diet Which can help optimize hormonal health. Also, there are certain habits that can wreak havoc on your hormonal health.

Listing the same, certified nutritionist Neha took to Instagram to share “5 Habits That Are Quietly Messing With You” hormone health“. See them below:

drinking coffee on an empty stomach

* Drink coffee after a meal or with a meal. Coffee is not food. “Instead of drinking it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, try pairing it with a balanced meal. it puts less stress adrenal And the cortisol spike lowers caffeine,” she wrote.

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skipping protein for breakfast

*”Have protein with breakfast. Protein satiates and reduces sugar Having spikes. Remember, blood sugar balance is important for healthy hormones,” she said.

intermittent fasting

*It is not helpful in balancing hormones for women. especially women of reproductive age. Ten-twelve hours of fasting at night is enough, nothing more,” she mentioned.

go low carb

*”You need Carbohydrate, Going low-carb is essentially starving your body of its preferred fuel source. It can also tax the thyroid and adrenals,” she shared.

not having enough calories

“Many women try to stick to 1,200 calories a day. You’re basically starving yourself, especially of essential nutrients. Yours. metabolism slows down and it shuts down your reproductive system because your body doesn’t conserve energy,” she noted.

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