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Should we stop eating momos? 7 reasons why momos can be bad for health

Momos are our favorite food, what’s not to love about those delicious dumplings filled with meat or vegetables or both? Steamed or fried, curry or tandoori varieties and momos have been widely popular. And the fun of eating momos in the winter season is something else! But did you know that there are some dangers associated with eating your favorite food? Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Nutritionist, Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi explains some of these

1) According to reports, momos are made from refined flour and then treated with harmful chemicals like azodicarbonamide, chlorine gas, benzoyl peroxide and other bleaches. These chemicals have adverse effects on health and can damage the pancreas and increase blood sugar levels.

2) The stuffing in momos is often unhealthy and can lead to serious health issues and infections. Some scary reports have come out stating that along with the vegetables being rancid, the non-veg momos are even more scary, where the meat used consists of long dead chickens!

3) Momos are made of refined flour and hence are not good for health. It can even lead to constipation. Maida also has a high glycemic index, which also leads to high blood sugar.

4) The red chili powder used by momo vendors is often not of good quality. If people consume too much spicy food, it can also lead to bleeding piles.

5) Mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) in momos is a cause of serious health concern. This not only leads to obesity, but also leads to many health problems like nervous disorders, sweating, chest pain, nausea and palpitations.

6) According to a report by Times of India, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa, study has revealed that Delhi’s street food, including momos, contains faeces much higher than the permissible coliform levels.

7) The vegetables used in momos especially cabbage can prove to be dangerous. If they are not cooked properly, they may contain tapeworm spores. Tapeworms can reach the brain and cause life-threatening complications. That’s why it is very important to be careful.

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