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Should diabetics eat cinnamon?

Cinnamon either Cinnamon Widely used to flavor desserts and is also an essential ingredient used to make desserts traditional garam masalaUsed in most Indian kitchens. Kajal Vattamwar and Bushra Qureshi, dieticians and co-founders of Healthy Steady Go, said, “Although it is added to flavor food, cinnamon has many other benefits that many people are unaware of.” “Cinnamon’s photochemical components, such as volatile and phenolic compounds and chromium, are primarily responsible for its anti-inflammatory, diabetesAnti-tumor, anticancer and anti-hyperglycaemic effects,” he said.

Diabetes and Cinnamon

diabetes A condition with many aetiologies, but the basic problem remains the same – insufficient insulin synthesis or insulin resistance. “Cinnamon is a commonly known ‘natural insulin sensitizer.’ Several studies have shown how cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, several studies on people with type II diabetes and pre-diabetes, Cinnamon has proven its effectiveness in reducing fasting blood sugar as well as HOMA-IR levels,” experts report indianexpress.com,

However, no significant reduction in HbA1c levels (3 months of blood glucose control) was observed. This may only be due to the short duration (about 1 month) of most studies, he said, adding that further research in this area could prove to be quite beneficial.

But how much cinnamon can diabetics have?

Several studies use different dosages to see the optimal benefits of cinnamon. However, no basic guidelines have been set by government bodies to standardize the lower or upper limits of cinnamon. Most studies reported using 1-2 grams of cinnamon extract daily – divided into 2-3 doses, 15 minutes before or after a meal.


Capsules: Capsules of cinnamon extract are now available over the counter. The highest available strength is 500mg/capsule.
Raw Powder: Simply mix cinnamon sticks at home or have ready-to-use cinnamon powder. Apart from adding it to your food, you can also make tea from it.

diabetes Are you taking care of your diabetes? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

The Easy Way to Make Comforting Cinnamon Tea

* Take a glass of water and let it boil.
* Add half a teaspoon or 2-3 pinches of cinnamon powder to the water and let it boil for 2-5 minutes.
* When the water turns red-brown, then turn off the flame. Let it cool down a bit and taste this tea.

best time to take

“First thing in the morning after freshening up. and/or 15 minutes before your breakfast, or lunch, or dinner,” he suggested.

However, do not replace your medicine as prescribed by the doctor Cinnamon, “It is a natural home functional food, which you can supplement with your daily diet and medicines for better results,” says the dietitian.

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