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Should diabetics be adding healthy fats, a dose of protein to their fruit bowls?

Fruits are extremely nutritious, but diabetes Caution should be taken while taking. This is because eating certain fruits can increase the blood sugar level which can be harmful to their health. Despite this, the fruit is an important component of a healthy diet for diabetics as it contains fiber that can lower blood sugar levels, said Neelam Ali, dietitian, Noida International Institute of Medical Sciences. Additionally, it may help lower cholesterol, which is important. diabetes He added that the risk of heart disease may increase.

According to Ali, the following are some of the benefits of including fruits in a diabetes-friendly diet.

*Dietary fiber is a portion of plant-based foods that digestive enzymes are unable to break down completely. Benefits of fiber include lowering blood cholesterol, helping flush out excess amounts of cholesterol and steroids, preventing blood sugar from rising, and increasing satiety (a feeling of fullness) to help manage hunger.

*Vitamins and minerals: Fruits including bananas, oranges, melons and apricots are high in potassium, which can lower blood pressure. The vitamin C and folic acid content of citrus fruits supports wound healing, collagen synthesis, improves brain function, and strengthens the immune system.

* Anthocyanins in berries, cherries and red grapes – which are powerful anti-diabetic,canceranti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anti obesity May help prevent cell damage and may even prevent the progression of some chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Peaches, figs, pears, guavas, oranges, apricots, mangoes, cantaloupe and papaya are other fruits that have high antioxidant content.

understanding the relationship

people with diabetes, High blood glucose, also known as high blood sugar or hyperglycemia, is a metabolic disorder. According to a June 2017-review published in International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical ResearchThe digestive system breaks down carbohydrates, or sugars, and starches found in many foods into glucose, which is a form of sugar that enters the bloodstream. with the help of hormones insulinThe body absorbs glucose and uses it for energy production. Diabetes develops when the body is unable to produce enough insulin or use insulin effectively.

Fruits mainly contain fructose, a type of unrefined sugar. Ali said, while “fructose does not require insulin to be metabolized in the body, if the body does need it, fructose can be converted to glucose”, which can raise blood sugar levels, Ali said. he said.

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immunity, healthy diet Here’s how you can change your diet (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

According to Suranjit Chatterjee, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New DelhiThe glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how fast a food raises blood sugar levels (glucose). Anything with a GI of 28 raises blood sugar by only 28 percent compared to pure glucose, while anything with a GI of 100 raises it just as much as pure glucose.

So, can diabetics have fruits at all?

One way to choose a fruit that is safe and suitable for a person with diabetes is to check their glycemic index (GI) levels. “a fruit A lower GI score is more effective in reducing blood sugar levels. For example, avocados, strawberries, blackberries, apples, plums, grapes, peaches, pears and cherries have 20–49 (low) GI levels. These fruits are rich in fiber and have a low GI which helps in tolerating blood sugar. However, some important factors need to be taken into account, such as the ripeness or maturity of a piece of fruit that will affect the GI of the food.” indianexpress.com In an earlier conversation.

According to him, even if a fruit has a low GI, the carbohydrate count and portion size should be monitored. “Some fruits, such as watermelon, have a higher GI, but a serving of watermelon It contains very little carbohydrates and has an effect on the body blood sugar Very little,” he said.

Subhashree Ray said that fruits with GI of 70 and above have very high sugar content and need to be avoided while planning diabetic meal plan. “Medium GI fruits have a GI value between 56 and 69. Low GI fruits are those that have a GI value of 55 and less,” she previously wrote. column For indianexpress.com,

“While keeping an eye on serving size and carb count, low GI whole fruits should be preferred,” Ali explained.

How to consume fruits for better sugar control

Instead of ruling out certain types of fruit, tracking their carbohydrate content and tracking their rank in terms of GI and their glycemic load (GL) can help, experts urge. Ali said protein and fruit together can reduce any rise in blood sugar. “To do this, either include fruit in the specified portion of carbohydrates of your meal or add protein to your fruit breakfast,” Ali said.

Dietician Vidhi Chawla, Founder, Physico Diet Clinic said, fruit consumption Brings down the GL with protein and healthy fats. “Instead of saturated and trans fats, have nuts with a mix of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats such as avocado, walnuts and sunflower seeds,” Chawla said, adding two servings of fruit a day along with protein and fat. is a good option.

For example, is Apple slices with two tablespoons of peanut butter For breakfast – it helps to satisfy hunger for longer and curbs overeating.

Agree with Mihira AR Khopkar, celebrity, sports and Olympic nutritionist, and added that consuming a protein-rich source or a fat-rich source with fruit can further improve glucose control. Khopkar told indianexpress.com, “Both proteins and fats take longer to digest and hence, when combined with carbohydrates such as fruits can help slow down glucose in the blood, thereby improving glucose control. “

According to Khopkar, the following combinations can be detected

*Fruits on the side with eggs of your choice
* Nuts with fruit mix
*Fruits in milk based porridge
*Fruit parfait or fruit yogurt
*Fruit and milk-based milkshakes or smoothies (protein supplements can also be added)

Ali also suggested some alternatives

* Mix one tablespoon of almond butter with four ounces of sliced ​​apples.
*Mix one cup of raspberries with 1 cup of Greek yogurt without added fat.
*half cup low fat cottage cheese Must be paired with a small peach.
*Mix a fruit salad with sesame seeds and some charoli.

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