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Nearly all 9.25 lakh TB patients ‘adopted’ for nutritional support

According to the government’s Nikshay portal, out of 9.25 lakh TB patients in the country who had agreed to “adopt” for nutritional support by the community, commitments for 9.24 lakh patients have already been received within a week. .

The Business Chamber Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) has committed to support 1 lakh patients alone.

Under the program, patients will receive monthly food baskets, additional clinical support, and vocational training for families. Efforts will be successful with public participation! I am happy to share that ‘Nikshay Mitras’ have shown their commitment to help 9.24 lakh TB patients. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya tweeted on Thursday, 9.25 lakh TB patients had given their consent for help on the ‘NIkshay 2.0’ portal under the Prime Minister’s TB Free India Campaign.

Of the donors who have sent their commitments, 2,818 “Nikshay Mitras” – individuals, public representatives, corporations and NGOs who will adopt these patients – have already been confirmed by their respective TB authorities to support 2.77 lakh patients. Has been. After a commitment, voluntary donors are paired with TB officials in the area where they wish to support the patient.

The concerned TB officer then goes through the list of patients who have given consent and provides their details to the donor, provided they do not share it.

Of the already confirmed Nikshay Mitras, there are 1,730 – or 61.4% – individuals. Others include 325 NGOs, 162 institutions, 86 corporate bodies, 84 political parties, 56 elected representatives, 18 co-operative societies and 357 others. The data shows that 82.6% of them have made a commitment to support patients for one year, 14.9% for six months, 1.5% for three years and 1% for two years.

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The Health Ministry in collaboration with ICMR’s National Institute of Nutrition has developed two options for monthly food baskets that can be provided by donors. A vegetarian food basket for adults should contain 3 kg of cereals or bajra, 1.5 kg of pulses, 250 g of vegetable oil, and 1 kg of milk powder or 6 liters of milk or 1 kg of groundnuts.

The non-vegetarian option will have an additional 30 eggs.

The basket for children should contain 2 kg of cereals or bajra, 1 kg of pulses, 150 g of vegetable oil, and 750 g of milk powder or 3.5 liters of milk or 0.7 kg of groundnut.

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