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Kidney health: Why people with high blood pressure shouldn’t ignore blood in urine, back pain

The kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs located near the pelvis on either side of the spine, which are important for the proper functioning of the body.

They are responsible for eliminating chemicals, our waste products and excess water from our bodies. When the kidneys do not function properly, patients may undergo dialysis treatment Or even consider a transplant in severe cases.

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According to Dr Sujit Chatterjee, CEO, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital, diabetes and high blood pressure The most famous causes of kidney disease in India are “Kidney wellbeing requires early location and treatment of these issues, and being proactive about seeing your doctor consistently,” he said.

The doctor said that polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can affect people of different ages, races and identities. “Both men and women are affected by the condition. PKD is probably one of the most frequently acquired conditions. It affects one in 400 to 1,000 individuals in the world. It is also seen in children and one in 20,000 Youth is affected by PKD.

What is polycystic kidney infection?

Dr Chatterjee explained that PKD is a hereditary problem, in which the kidneys promote various fluid-filled cysts. “PKD pimples can also affect the condition of your kidneys. The blisters make them bigger and can further affect their size.

“This is additionally seen in a form of chronic kidney disease (CKD), which can affect kidney abilities. There are also many other consequences or complications associated with PKD. These include high blood pressure, acne in the liver, and There are vein irregularities in the brain and heart,” he said.

What are the causes of PKD?

The doctor said that PKD is caused by the development of cysts in the kidneys, and that people with PKD are “hereditarily predisposed to it.” “PKD is routinely passed on from one or two parents. You are bound to develop PKD or carry the genes that cause it on the off chance that you have a family member who has it. a transporter [could be] Someone who carries the gene that causes PKD but doesn’t get the infection,” he explained.

Dr Chatterjee also cautioned that PKD can affect organs other than the kidneys. “Enlargement of the liver, pancreas, spleen, ovaries, and heavy bowel is common in individuals with PKD. Blisters in these organs usually do not cause problems, but they can occur in specific individuals.”

kidney, kidney health, unhealthy kidney, symptoms of unhealthy kidney, kidney failure, polycystic kidney disease (PKD), what is polycystic kidney disease, indian express news You are bound to develop PKD or carry the genes that cause it on the off chance that you have a family member who has it. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Signs, and when to see a doctor

According to experts, it is normal for individuals to go a long time without admitting to polycystic kidney disease. “Consult your doctor if you develop a host of signs and side effects, and if you have a first-degree relative with polycystic kidney disease.

“Signs and side effects are not usually seen in individuals over the age of 30 or 40. Here are some signs and side effects that cause PKD that you should keep in mind:

– back or side pain
– enlargement of the abdomen
blood in urine
– Persistent contamination of the bladder or kidneys
– pulse that is extremely high

“Persons experiencing hypertension are bound to have PKD. Because of this, they can have severe pain in the brain. Excessive circulatory stress can damage the kidneys. However, high blood pressure drugs can actually slow down or even prevent kidney depression,” concluded the doctor.

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