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Here’s how you can include fenugreek seeds in your diet to control blood sugar levels

Fenugreek seeds or Fenugreek seeds, as they are commonly known, are commonly used in most Indian kitchens to add a unique flavor to dishes. But these tiny seeds are also packed with many health benefits. Several studies have reported that they help control diabetes type 2 because of their ability to reduce blood sugar, A 2015 study published in the International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research also found that a daily dose of 10 grams Fenugreek seeds Soaking in warm water can help control type-2 diabetes. But what is the best way to consume them?

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Dietician Garima recently took to Instagram to share three easy ways in which one can consume fenugreek seeds. blood sugar level, to keep track

Sharing the first and “easiest” way to consume fenugreek seeds to control diabetes, the expert said, “Take a spoon full of these seeds and soak them in water overnight. Drink this water the next morning.” Consume it after boiling. If possible, swallow the seeds, he added. Consuming the seeds in this way is beneficial for those with insulin resistance, PCOand diabetes.

Another way is to germinate the seed. “You can add sprouted seeds to your parathas, SandwichSalad etc,” he added.

You can also eat fenugreek seeds in the form of powder. Take equal quantity of fenugreek seeds, jamun seeds and Bitter gourd Seed. Mix them dry and make powder before mixing. Consume 1 teaspoon of this powder daily in the morning on an empty stomach,” she suggested.

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