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Chrissy Teigen ‘Can Finally Feel the Baby’; When do women get pregnant during pregnancy?

Last month, in an Instagram post, model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen revealed she’s pregnant with third child, Since then, she has been sharing her pregnancy journey on social media, keeping her fans abreast of any developments. In her latest update – shared on Twitter – Chrissy wrote: “I finally feel the baby so I don’t need to text my doctor for a daily drive-ultrasound anymore.” We reached out to an expert to understand more about accelerating pregnancy – when a woman starts feeling her baby move in her womb – and when a woman usually experiences it. Find out what he said below.

When can a pregnant woman feel the baby?

According to Dr Sandhya Jain, a gynecologist at Sarang Hospital in Agra, when a mother can start feeling the baby, it depends on “whether this is her first child. pregnancy, second or third. ” “IIn the first pregnancy, a mother can feel the baby at 20-22 weeks. The second or third time, she may feel the baby kicking or moving in between 16-20 weeks. Slowly the actions become clear,” she added indianexpress.com

The specialist said that if the mother is not attentive enough, she may initially miss the movements. “Many women can even get dates wrong, so that matters too,” she said.

Dr Jain further said that “complicated” pregnancyTumors associated with pregnancy, ovarian cysts, fibroids” limit the movement of the baby, delaying the time the mother can feel the baby in her womb. Also, “The presence of excess amniotic fluid, diabetes, defects in the baby can “slow down movement,” she said.

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Additionally, “if the mother’s sugar level is uncontrolled or diabetes At the time of conception, which causes little or no movement,” she said, “the mother’s high BP levels can lead to a hematoma – a condition in which blood collects under the chorion membrane. ,around the fetus and the wall of the uterus during pregnancy) – which can occupy the position of the baby’s movements.”

“Some women are overly apprehensive, anxious and conscious, especially if they have had an accident before – and they may feel the agitation before,” she said. In a first pregnancy, however, “women may feel this movement later because of a lack of experience.”

When is the right time to see a doctor?

The expert suggested that in normal cases the mother should visit the doctor in the first trimester. However, “patients with a medical complication, abdominal pain, bleeding, and a history of accidents should see a doctor as soon as they conceive.” She advised monthly visits after three months. “She may have another ultrasound in six months; By that time, most mothers start feeling their babies too,” she said.

Describing the procedure, he said that Dr. ultrasound“Vitals at 12-14 weeks, to check the status of the fluid, whether the baby is fine or there is an anomaly,” she said.

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