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Can drinking four cups of green tea a day reduce the risk of diabetes?

Tea is a staple drink for many people across the world as it is believed to give the perfect morning boost and keep you energized and refreshed throughout the day. But, did you know that it can also help reduce the risk of developing diabetes type 2, According to research conducted on more than one million people from eight countries, it has been found that consuming black, green or oolong tea can reduce the chances of acquiring this metabolic condition.

The study, presented at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), clarified that consuming four cups of tea a day was associated with a 17 percent lower risk of cancer. diabetes type 2 over an average period of 10 years.

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“Our results are exciting because they suggest that people can do something as simple as drinking four cups Tea One day to potentially reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes,” said Xiying Li from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology in China, lead author.

Adding milk to tea may increase its protective effect, he said. “I think the milk would potentiate the effect of tea on diabetes. Here it is, Tea Would be more effective with milk.”

tea, diabetes Drinking tea may be beneficial for you (Source: AP)

Following a meta-analysis of 19 previous studies having tea and diabetes, researchers found a “significant linear relationship” between drinking black, green or oolong tea and a reduced risk of getting diabetes. “It is possible that particular components in tea, such as polyphenols, may be reduced” blood sugar levelBut substantial amounts of these bioactive compounds may be needed to be effective,” Lee said.

Explaining the possible reason behind this, Dr. Ravi Shankarji Kesari, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Apollo Spectra Hospital, BangaloreSaid: “Drink four cups green tea Helping a person reduce their body weight will, as a result, also help reduce their risk of getting type 2 diabetes.”

He said that it should be consumed without any Sugar To reduce blood sugar level. Dr Kesari asked children below the age of 16 to be careful while drinking tea.

Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, Chief Clinical Dietitian, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore said that tea contains polyphenols that improve insulin sensitivity. “Sugar tea or herbal infusions can be a good alternative to low-calorie drinks for someone with type 2 diabetes, as the drink does not appear to affect blood sugar levels. It can also help avoid dehydration. Which can raise blood sugar levels and provide additional benefits such as reducing inflammation.

According to him, 2-3 cups of tea have shown proven results in improving the glycemic status. The expert said, “In India, there is a need to understand the portions in ml compared to cup because we treat patients with mugs full of tea (300-450 ml total volume over 24 hours) as opposed to 150 ml of 2- There can be 3 cups.” She said to avoid excessive amounts of tea and even accompaniments like sugar and biscuits.

“There is a need to avoid the consumption of maida, white rice, and sugar. Instead, it is advisable to switch to bajra, whole wheat roti, wheat and brown rice,” explains Dr Kesari indianexpress.comOn other dietary measures to control diabetes.

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