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Alzheimer’s Day 2022: A guide to understanding the disease

Alzheimer’s is a neurological disorder and is the most common cause of ‘dementia’ and it affects a person’s memory and mental abilities and is a progressive degenerative disease. The primary symptoms are memory loss and confusion; A person with Alzheimer’s disease will eventually lose the ability to respond to their environment, including feeling exhausted after every interaction.

Here’s a simple guide to understanding Alzheimer’s disease and what it’s like for people who know mental health and depression only from social media posts.


Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that takes away people’s memories. People initially struggle to remember current events, but they often have little trouble remembering events that happened years ago.

As time passes, other symptoms begin to appear such as:

– trouble concentrating

– Difficult time doing normal activities

– feeling confused or hopeless, especially at night

– Dramatic mood swings – outbursts of anger, anxiety and depression

– Feeling disoriented and easily lost

– physical problems, such as awkward walking or poor coordination

– trouble communicating


Alzheimer’s is a neurological disease so the exact cause of this disorder is practically unknown but it is a combination of age-related, genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute significantly.

The communication that takes place inside our brain is through the billions of nerve cells that communicate with each other and enable various functions such as thinking and remembering and with the disorder in play the regeneration/degeneration process continues. The condition gets worse with more and more interference in daily activities.


It doesn’t have a happy ending like all movies as basic tasks get interrupted and family members get demotivated after a certain stage seeing their loved one suffer like this, just sad.

Although there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, there are treatments that can potentially halt the progression of the disease and improve symptoms of the condition. The course of the disease will determine the recommended course of treatment.


Each year Alzheimer’s Day has a theme to outline the agenda for each particular year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has come together in solidarity and hence awareness about psycho-neurological diseases is important. This year’s theme, “Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s” continues with the 2021 campaign, which focuses on the warning signs and diagnosis of dementia and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the dementia community around the world.

Alzheimer’s Day aims to dispel common misconceptions about dementia and raise awareness of the importance of talking about it.

(Disclaimer: The information given in this article is based on general information and does not replace the opinion of a medical expert. Zee News does not endorse it.)

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