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6 important medical tests that couples need to do before getting married

Are you planning to get married soon? There are important health check-ups that you must and your partner should do as well. Many of us in India attach great importance to our Kundli matching but often neglect the health aspect. But for a happy marriage, it is necessary for the partner to have good physical and mental health. And even if there are problems, they don’t need to be a hindrance as long as you are both aware of the problems and know the steps that need to be taken as a couple and individually. is required.

HIV test

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS and it weakens the body’s ability to fight infection. Before getting married, it’s important for couples to take tests and know where they stand.

fertility test

For most couples, having children is the next step in marriage. That’s why it’s a good idea for couples to get a fertility test done. And this includes partners, both men and women. If children, or biological children, aren’t on the cards, and you’re both sure about it, it can be skipped.

genetic testing

Family history is important when it comes to diabetes, heart disease or any other disease. It is good to know if one has inherited or inherited any of these diseases. This is again important when you are trying to conceive.

std test

Screening for sexually transmitted diseases or STDs is an absolute must. It is also important for the functioning of the marriage and the health of the partner.

Blood Group Compatibility and Thalassemia Testing

If the blood groups are not compatible, or if one partner is thalassemic it can lead to birth defects in the baby or complications in pregnancy. The Rh factor of both the partners should be checked and medical advice should be sought in case of incompatibility.

mental health condition

It is very important to be aware of mental health problems as it can affect the quality of marriage and can also be passed on to biological offspring.


(Disclaimer: This article is based on general information and is not a substitute for medical expert advice.)

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