Know the side effects of applying body lotion on the face

.Winters can be quite enchanting, but at times it can also be a cause of worry for our skin. With the drop in humidity and temperature, the winter months can cause problems for those with sensitive skin. The skin becomes dry and scaly, itchy or irritated due to the effects of cold weather. To overcome these skin related problems, we often use different types of body lotions on the body as well as on our face.

But do you know about the side effects of applying body lotion on the face? As we all know that the skin on our face is much more delicate and sensitive than the rest of the body. Here are some common side effects of applying body lotion on the face:

The skin on your face does not absorb the body lotion and clogs the pores

The pH level (potential of hydrogen level) of body lotion is very high. By applying it on the face, not only will it be difficult for your facial skin to absorb, but the pores of the skin also get clogged and many problems start appearing on your face.

Blackheads problem

Applying body lotion on the face closes the pores of the skin. Dirt gets accumulated in the pores and blackheads appear on the face, due to which the face starts looking lifeless.

Increased dryness of the skin

By applying body lotion on the face, the triclosan compound starts increasing on the skin, due to which the natural oil of the face decreases and dryness starts.

Skin cells are damaged

The pH level of body lotion is very high and applying it on the face starts lowering the pH level of the skin. This leads to an increase in damaged cells and the skin on your face starts to crack.

Face looks lifeless

The skin usually looks lifeless in winter. Body lotion reduces the amount of alkali and amino acids present in the facial skin, due to which your facial skin starts looking dull and lifeless.

Pimples and acne problem

Applying body lotion on the face closes the pores of the skin. Due to the bacteria present in the pores, acne and pimples can occur on the face. Especially if you are applying body lotion on sensitive skin, it can cause irritation and rashes on the face.

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