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Do not throw away the remaining tea leaves, use these amazing methods again

Day by day, we make tea many times in our kitchen, and day by day we throw away a piece of used tea leaves. We never realized that we left out something that could actually be quite useful for other tasks in the kitchen. From cooking to cleaning, leftover tea leaves can be reused and used in a surprising number of ways. Here are some wonderful tips for using tea leaves even after they have been used to make your tea.

Here are 5 great ways to use up leftover tea leaves:

1. Season Your Salad

As strange as it may sound, tea leaves actually give the salad its tartness. You can add wet leftover tea leaves directly to your salad but make sure to use them on the same day they were made. And just remember to sprinkle the tea leaves.

2. Use as a pickle

Tea leaves make a great pickling agent. Try to believe it. Pour the used tea leaves, oil, lemon juice, and salt into a mason jar. Let it infuse for a week and use as a pickle or add to your sandwiches, salads and other foods.

3. Clean the Kitchen Surfaces

Place used wet tea leaves on work surfaces and chopping boards. Rub gently and clean as usual. The tea leaves will lift away grime, dirt, grease, and odors. You can also use the leaves to remove stains and odors from your utensils and cutlery.

4. Deodorize Refrigerator

Does your fridge start to smell as soon as you open all the food in it? Chai comes to the rescue. Tea leaves are known to absorb bad odours. Dry your remaining tea leaves and tie them in a muslin cloth. Please keep the bag in your refrigerator to hide food odors. You can also use it to clean microwaves and ovens and get rid of odors. Immediately after use, place the bag in the oven while it is hot.

5. Bake With Them

Add the fresh and herby flavor of tea to your baked goods like cookies, cakes and muffins. Add some used tea leaves to your baking batter and enjoy tea-based desserts with a unique and distinct flavor that you will love.

Imagine how many tea leaves you would be able to save and use with these tips.

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