5 reasons why you should sleep in complete darkness

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! Adequate sleep is extremely important for regeneration and health. Lack of sleep doesn’t just mean getting less rest, it can lead to serious health problems including depression, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems, among others. Some people can sleep just about anywhere and are the subject of much envy for unfortunate light sleepers. But did you know, sleeping with a light on can actually affect the quality of your sleep and your health? Let us find out why darkness is necessary for sleep.

Sleep in the dark – that’s why

1) it is easier to fall asleep

Darkness allows the body to rest and stimulates the production of the hormone melatonin which helps us fall asleep more easily. When the lights are on, even if you have closed your eyes, the brain is able to detect the light through the eyelids. This creates confusion between day and night and, as a result, leads to sleep disturbance.

2) Reduces the risk of diabetes

Here is one important reason why you should sleep in the dark! According to a study conducted by Northwestern University, sleeping with the lights on can increase your insulin resistance, which contributes to diabetes and obesity.

3) May prevent depression

Some studies have linked sleeping with the light on to depression. And when it comes to affecting your mood, blue light from the screens of electronic devices is the worst. So put away that mobile phone and tablet!

4) You Have Better Chances of Fighting Obesity

As mentioned earlier, insulin resistance can lead to obesity. Also, when you sleep with the lights or TV on, your sleep is likely to be completely disturbed, which can make you feel hungry and overeat, especially in bed.

5) You’ll be more relaxed and effective

Better sleep means you are better prepared to face the world! When your body is well rested, you will be more effective in performing your daily tasks.

Nightlights and Eye Masks: Effective Use

If you have to turn on the light to go to the washroom at night or if you feel scared, make sure the night lamp is close to the floor. White and blue light are completely no, red and orange light on the other hand are less stimulating to the brain. An eye mask can deepen darkness and while it takes some getting used to, a quality eye mask – good fabric and comfortable – can improve the quality of your sleep.

sleep mask
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