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‘Where have we failed?’ Jet Airways CEO shares picture of child hanging from car’s sunroof

Sunroofs have become a ‘popular’ item and style statement among Indian car buyers in recent times. The sunroof in the car is touted as a ‘premium’ feature and attracts kids as well as adults and they stick their heads out in the moving car. Although it sounds fancy, it is seen as a dangerous thing, especially when the vehicle is moving. Recently, Sanjeev Kapoor, CEO of Jet Airways shared a picture on Twitter, in which a child can be seen enjoying the breeze out of the sunroof at Golf Course Road, Gurugram. “Kid enjoying the breeze outside the sunroof as his car zips along Golf Course Road, Gurugram. Where have we failed? In schooling, or parenting, or both?’ Read the tweet.

The tweet went viral in no time, but netizens have mixed reactions to it. Some believe sunroofs are there for it, while others support Kapoor and see it as a dangerous act. One user’s tweet read, “His father’s car, his and his father’s choice, he can enjoy the breeze wherever he wants. Take a chill pill, no one failed anywhere.” While on the contrary, another netizen says that it lacks manners. “Etiquette, parenting, law enforcement, lack of civic sense – we’ll be the same for the next 200 years. Ah!” Read the tweet.

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Kapoor also conducted a poll on Twitter where 32.4 percent of netizens voted for ‘nothing is wrong’. Whereas 67.6 percent of the people voted ‘this is really dangerous’. One of the people on the internet has also requested the traffic police to take strict action against such incidents.

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