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Train trips that will make you fall in love with the beauty of South India; check list here

A train journey is ideal for anyone looking for a unique way to explore South India. Such excursions are a great way to learn more about the rich culture and heritage of the country. Besides, it’s not just the beautiful beauties when train travel in South India is in conversation; It allows tourists to experience the rich cultural heritage, the beauty of Indian history and the amalgamation of many cultures that arise from deep historical routes. Not to mention that train travel gives a brief experience of the local food and many other subtleties of the region.

Kollam – Sengottai

For those who enjoy exploring unusual places, the train journey from Kollam to Sengottai will be a rewarding experience. Through these two junction points, the railway line connects the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. During the journey, travelers will see many lush green forests, clean and fast flowing rivers and hills. On their way they pass a heritage bridge and a national highway built above and below the tracks. Train travel allows tourists to experience the natural beauty of Kerala, making it the most picturesque journey ever.

Ooty to Coonoor

Those wishing to travel by train near the hilly areas of South should not miss Ooty to Coonoor train journey. Both these destinations are popular among the visitors due to their picturesque views. These two hill stations of Tamil Nadu are connected by a special toy train. The tracks connecting Ooty and Coonoor are part of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, recognized by UNESCO for its exceptional uniqueness and natural beauty. The best part of the train ride is that it takes the passengers through the tea gardens of Ooty and the mountains covered with greenery.

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Chennai to Rameswaram

This train journey is unique in itself. Apart from taking nature walks, it also takes tourists on a mythological journey. The railway connecting Chennai and Rameswaram crosses the Pamban bridge, which is said to be the first bridge in India. Locals believe that Lord Rama built the Pamban Bridge in search of Goddess Sita who kidnapped Ravana. This bridge connects the Mandapam region of India with Rameswaram and Pamban Island. Despite the fact that the rail ride is only 2.2 kms long, the visual and religious background make it one of the best experiences of life.

Kanyakumari to Trivandrum

The train ride between these two destinations in South India is like a slide show of the country’s rich plantation practices. In this two-hour train journey, passengers pass through fields of green tea, coconut groves and various spices. Take a train ride via Island Express; It envelops the natural splendor of the path and allows the local life of the South to be experienced up close.

Best Train Services for South Indian Travels

Apart from the regular Railway Express, your journey to the South can be made enjoyable by booking a ride with some of the famous train services. These are:

golden chariot

golden chariot southern splendor

Maharaja Express Southern Jewels

Maharaja Express Southern Sojourn

Deccan Odyssey Jewels of Deccan.

These trains have kept the luxury of the passengers at their top priority. The tour package offers private and comfortable accommodation, portage services, an onboard butler, free meals, drinks and snacks. Passengers enjoy off-train excursions, WiFi, and even a lounge and bar that are part of the amenities of these luxurious trains. On some routes, guests can smell the spicy aroma of India and see mystical waterfalls, lush plantations and wildlife. Once on the journey, one will really feel like they have discovered an entirely new continent. So, it’s time to experience the grandeur of train travel in South India instead of searching it on the internet.

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