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Tourists driving MG Astor SUV stuck in sand at Morjim beach in Goa, booked – watch video

Despite several incidents of cars getting stuck on Goa beaches and booking of such miscreants by the police, it seems that tourists visiting Goa are not taking any lessons. Yet another mischievous act of driving on a famous Goa beach has come to light and like the previous incident which involved Hyundai Creta, this time another tourist was booked for driving a medium sized SUV on the beach. went. As per reports, a group of tourists from Maharashtra drove an MG Astor SUV around Goa’s famous Morjim beach and got stuck in the soft beach sand.

The video of the car stuck on the beach has gone viral on the internet. Locals and other tourists tried to help the youth in pulling the SUV out of the sand. Later, the Pernem police booked 32-year-old Sagar Bapu Savarathkar from Kolhapur under sections 279 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code. The sections of the IPC address the issue of rash and reckless driving of vehicles endangering human life on the beach.

A few weeks back, an incident between a Delhi couple driving a Hyundai Creta on the beach went viral. The couple’s car got stuck in the wet sand of Goa beach and later a case of reckless driving was registered by the police.

It should be noted that driving on the beach is a punishable offense as it is a danger to both the drivers and the people around the beach. It also harms nature as the beaches have soft sand which traps vehicles.

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