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‘This sentiment is productivity paranoid’: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Work From Home debate

New Delhi: ‘Work from home’ has become a common practice in the post-Covid-19 world. Employees in all sectors generally demand from organizations to be flexible with respect to workplace and time. It has become a sort of norm by companies to provide hybrid setups where workers can work from home for a few days in a week. But this trend gives rise to another problem that has intensified after the Moonlighting saga. Talking about a complicated disagreement between managers and employees over productivity in hybrid mode, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has termed the sentiment as ‘productivity paranoia’.

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What is a productivity paranoia?

A Microsoft survey showed that more than 80% of managers are concerned about whether employees are productive enough when working from home. Also, 87% of employees do not have a reference for how and why they are being tracked, which can undermine trust and lead to a “productivity theater”. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called the situation a ‘productivity paranoia’.

The survey took 20,000 to thousands of employers in 11 countries. The results of the ‘Work Trend Index Pulse’ indicate a fundamental disagreement between employers and employees regarding productivity in the context of the hybrid mode.

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Here are the key findings of the ‘Work Tendency Index Pulse Survey’

  • The survey states that leaders and managers do not see traditional visual cues because they cannot see who is working hard or who is sitting idle.
  • “And as employees feel the pressure to ‘prove’ they are working, digital pressure is increasing,” the findings revealed.
  • In fact, compared to individual managers, hybrid managers are more likely to say they struggle to trust their employees to do their best work (49 percent versus 36 percent) and report that their employees They have less visibility in the work they do. (54 percent versus 38 percent).
  • About 48 percent of employees and 53 percent of managers report that they have already been burned at work.
  • According to the report, leaders need to step back from worrying about whether their people are doing enough to help them focus on the work that is most important.
  • Addressing this issue needs to start at the top: 74 percent of people’s managers say more guidance on prioritizing their own work will help their performance, and 80 percent say they Individuals would benefit from greater clarity from senior leadership on influential priorities,” the report said.

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