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The lioness opened the car gate with the family! Here’s what happened next – Watch the video

There are many viral videos of animals doing things they are not expected to do. These videos are often entertaining and gain instant popularity on social media platforms. Although this video which is going viral is very scary. The video has been around for quite some time and now comes out on social media platforms from time to time. The video shows an incident a family faced during a safari in South Africa when they were startled by a lioness opening the gate of their car in front of their pride.

The video shows a lioness resting proudly, who later curiously approaches the car. In the safety of the car, the family can be seen enjoying a closer look at the animal. However, the situation takes a U-turn for the worst when the lioness inspecting the car opens the gate with her mouth.

It should be noted that lions are the apex predators in their ecosystem and they have very strong jaws. It is a very easy task for them to open car doors with their raised handles. When the lioness opened the gate, the family members were surprised.

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It is generally advised to lock the car doors while moving. However, due to the family being held at one place in this situation, he became careless and left the door open after filling it in pickles.

The video shared by an account named Tansu Yegen was shared on Twitter with the caption, “Safari is over.” The video has gone viral on the internet and has been viewed over 10 million times. Apart from this, the video has now received more than 243 thousand likes and more than 47 thousand retweets.

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