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Salesforce joins hands with WhatsApp to bring new messaging experience to customers

Salesforce, a CRM provider, and messaging service platform WhatsApp have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow Salesforce customers to connect with their customers and create new messaging experiences on WhatsApp.

As part of the partnership, Salesforce will offer customers WhatsApp-first business messaging that enables direct sales, market and support from conversations to drive customer engagement, accelerate sales and drive better customer support results, Salesforce said in a statement. There is a new way.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and Meta CEO, said, “We are partnering with Salesforce to enable businesses using our platform to answer customer questions, run marketing campaigns, and sell WhatsApp Business messages in direct chat. be able to use.”

“More and more people are choosing to communicate with businesses over text. Meta launched the WhatsApp Cloud API earlier this year and the company is now partnering with Salesforce.

Michael Afroanti, general manager of messaging at Salesforce, said, “WhatsApp-First Business Messaging enables each Salesforce customer to provide a personalized and interactive experience that drives sales, improves customer service, and engages customers wherever they are. Is.”

Messaging is the next great customer engagement frontier and preferred customer engagement channel because 90% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services, and 66% of online adult messaging worldwide is communicating with business. Like the way to do it. , according to L’Oreal, one of Salesforce’s customers.

According to Meta, businesses send over 100 million messages a day on WhatsApp.



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