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Rosatom to set up Europe’s largest lithium battery manufacturing facility

Russia’s Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, widely known as a worldwide nuclear power solutions provider, has set up Europe’s largest lithium battery production facility in its homeland in response to the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles around the world. ready to do.

“We are ready to join hands with our Indian partners to set up lithium battery production units in India as well,” said Vadim Titov, president of Rusatom – International Network, a branch of Rosatom.

During an informal conversation with three select Indian journalists, who were recently taken to the Leningrad Nuclear Power Station, Russia’s largest nuclear complex on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, Mr. Titov said that Rosatom is the largest in Russia. Setting up a lithium battery production plant. , perhaps the largest such facility in Europe as it believed that an energy-storage approach would be part of the future. Therefore, it was in the process of building the facility.

Asked about its possible ventures with India in this fast-growing portfolio, Mr. Titov said it can be expected in the near future as the Russian firm is ready for such collaborations.

He also said that Rosatom, which is now providing nuclear power solutions to various countries, is joining hands with India in many other emerging areas like production of carbon fiber, futuristic materials with high thermal conductivity, nuclear medicine, modern radiation technologies. ready to mix. and wind power.

Rosatom, being a manufacturer of advanced carbon fiber materials, was in talks with India. He expressed hope that some precise projects in this area would be finalized soon.

Rosatom, in addition to generating electricity through its nuclear reactors, was generating 600 MW of wind power in southern Russia and this technology could be provided to foreign partners.

Expressing satisfaction at the progress of work in the Kudankulam Atomic Power Project (KKNPP), where the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) is actively involved in the construction of four more VVER-1,000 MW reactors with Russian technical know-how after the operation of two reactors. Including, he said the Indian market was promising as the economy was growing. Therefore, energy companies including Rosatom had a good chance in the energy sector and other emerging new sectors in India.

Mr Titov said the ongoing ‘energy turmoil’ caused by oil price fluctuations and rising operating costs of power generation units from other sources, particularly fossil fuels, would result in more countries using stable, reliable and eco-friendly nuclear power. Moving on to programs. , an economical solution to this serious problem.

“Therefore, it has created a nuclear renaissance. France gets 70% of its electricity from nuclear reactors. French President Macron announced plans to build at least six giant nuclear reactors in France. Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic And Bulgaria has decided to move into nuclear energy.Therefore, we are receiving further inquiries amidst stiff competition from other players in the field, but we are broader than planning, building and safely operating nuclear power plants. Having experience and successful track record, are fully prepared to face the competition,” he said.

Rosatom was set to install small modular nuclear reactors, a technology mastered by the Russians for building floating nuclear reactors that could be taken to an area where energy demands are high.

On the performance of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (LNPP), where 2 RBMK – 1,000 MW and 2 VVER – 1,200 MW reactors are now operating, while 2 RBMK-1000 reactors are in the process of deactivation due to age, he said LNPP Clean It was an absolutely important source of energy as it had been generating electricity for almost half a century as it met 60% of the electricity needs of the areas around St. Petersburg.

The two older graphite-based RBMK reactors from the previous generation are being replaced by Rosatom by Generation 3 Plus VVER -1,200 MWe units.

“Construction of two more VVER – 1,200 MWe reactors to replace the old RBMK reactors in this site is under consideration. Certainly, the Leningrad nuclear power plant will have four VVER-1,200 MW,” said Mr. Titov.

(This correspondent recently visited Russia on invitation)

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