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Pakistan International Airlines issues clarification after strange dress code statement

After receiving harsh criticism for an odd dress code for its cabin crew that mandated them to wear underwear under their uniforms, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was forced to clarify on Friday. On Thursday, the PIA directed its personnel to wear undergarments under their uniforms as failing to do so would show a “negative image” of the airline and give a “bad impression”. Unsurprisingly, the Dictate received a lot of “unfair” criticism from various sources.

As reported by Geo News, the national carrier immediately withdrew the bulletin, due to the response it received. Barely 24 hours later, the airline, in an attempt to downplay the incident, came out with a carefully worded explanation.

“Despite the fact that the spirit behind the advice was to ensure a proper dress code, however, the standard bulletin inadvertently came across with inappropriate selection of words,” the chief human resources officer of the PIA said in a written explanation.

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He said, “I personally feel sorry and I firmly believe that the words could have been more civilized and appropriate rather than published in this context which, unfortunately, are being trolled and twisted towards defamation of the company, ” They said.

In a previous notification, PIA General Manager Flight Services Amir Bashir, in an internal instruction memorandum, said: “It has been observed with great concern that some cabin crew may have accidental accidents while traveling intercity, staying in hotels and visiting different places. wear clothes from.”

“Such dressing leaves a bad impression on the audience and presents a negative image of not only the individual but the organization as well.” Bashir asked the cabin crew to “dress properly” in formal plain clothes rather than “appropriate undergarments”. PIA is the largest airline in Pakistan and operates a fleet of 30 aircraft. The airline operates approximately 100 flights daily, serving 18 domestic destinations and 25 international destinations in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

With inputs from PTI

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