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‘Maa Kasam’: Delhi Police advises citizens against scammers using viral memes

New Delhi: The digital age brings with it many challenges and cybercrime is one of them. Fraudsters are adopting innovative methods to dupe innocent users and defrauding their accounts in huge amounts. Cyber ​​crime is a big headache for the authorities and they try to use various methods to make the customers aware about it and be alert for it.

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Delhi Police has posted a funny meme on its official Twitter handle with an aim to promote awareness about cyber frauds. The 22-second video begins with a customer talking to a scammer using an online medium to send money. She is alert and suspicious of him. So, he again asks the scammer to take his mother’s oath that money will not be deducted from his account. Interestingly, the scammer swears by his mother. However, in the end, the customer declines the payment. So he is not caught in the trap.

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“We will keep our promises…but we will not come under the guise of fraudsters”, advising people to be smart citizens and not fall for such bluffs.

don’t pick up unknown numbers

In another tweet, Delhi Police is encouraging customers not to pick up unknown calls. This could be a trap and scammers will make porn videos of you without your knowledge and can blackmail you.

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