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Lamborghini Aventador worth over Rs 5 cr converted into monster truck with GIANT wheels – WATCH VIDEO

Lamborghini Aventador is one of the flagship cars of the Italian brand which is known for its performance and aggressive design. One thing this car is not famous for is a monster truck; vague? Usually, monster trucks are built on the basis of an SUV, a truck, or perhaps a sedan, but someone thought of making an Aventador-based monster truck. Monster trucks based on SUVs look big and intimidating, but the body is mostly an empty shell. In contrast, this Italian aesthetic-themed truck looks small but is certainly nothing short of intimidating.

The menacing looks of the trucks can be attributed entirely to the aggressive looking Aventador. In addition, the bright orange color of the fiery bull adds to the sentiment. As if that wasn’t enough, the car’s modifiers have added an exoskeleton. The sportscar retains some of its original features such as its signature headlights, huge front air intakes, and black Raging Bull logo outline. For an added appeal, they have siren-like lights on the roof of the monster truck. There are a few extras too, such as a spare tire on the rear of the monster truck and a ladder integrated with the exoskeleton.

Watch Videos of Lamborghini Aventador Monster Truck

The Lamborghini Aventador monster truck has apparently gone through a number of mechanical changes to turn it into the big beast. Mechanical changes included replacing the entire suspension system and adding larger curved tires, and the changes required changing the entire drive system to suit the size of the truck.

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However, it is not known what changes have been made in the engine. But it wouldn’t be wrong to speculate that the stock V12 of the Lamborghini Aventador will be good enough to power the monster truck. However, taking a closer look, we can say that the modifier probably changed the location of the engine. Typically, the Aventador’s engine is located at the rear end of the sportscar. In this, we can see the radiator grille on the front end, indicating a possible change.



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