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Juice Jacking USB Charger Scam: Charging Your Phone In Public Could Deplete Your Bank Accounts, Credit Cards

How many times have you seen and used chargers provided at public places like railway stations, airports, hospitals and shopping malls? Do you know that charging your phone using the charger/cable provided in public places can lead to a financial cyber crime? You might be thinking that I am joking but it is not a joke. With the rise in cybercrime as well as awareness against cybercrime, scammers are using innovative methods to entice people into fraud and ‘juice jacking’ is their new tool.

What is ‘Juice Jacking’?

It is a technique using which cybercriminals load malware into devices being charged using public USB ports. Once the malware is loaded, the fraudsters access devices – be it a smartphone or a laptop, to access sensitive information like contacts, photos, videos, credit card details, bank account data and UPI details. They then withdraw funds from bank accounts or use credit card details for payment and this only comes to light when victims check their bank accounts or receive a message on their phone.

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Another technique that criminals deploy is that when you charge your device, they download important data through the port that you will be using to charge the device. You must be aware that USB port can be used to transfer data and we sometimes also transfer data between smartphone and laptop using a USB cable.

Police and banks have been repeatedly warning people against ‘juice jacking’. Recently, Odisha Police warned people against charging their phones using USB ports/cables provided in public places.

It said, “Do not charge your mobile in public places like mobile charging stations, USB power stations etc. Cyber ​​fraudsters are trying to steal your personal information from mobile and install malware inside your phone.”

State Bank of India has also warned people against cheating. “Think twice before plugging your phone in at charging stations. Malware can find a way out and infect your phone, allowing hackers to steal your passwords and export your data.”

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It further added, “Beware of charging your phone at charging stations. Hackers will be waiting! Juice jacking, a USB charger scam, can drain your bank account.”

How to Stay Safe from Juice Jacking or USB Charger Scam?

The first and foremost step to be safe from juice jacking is that you should avoid charging your phone using a public USB port. Here are some tips to stay safe from juice jacking:

*Look for the electrical socket on the back of the charging station.
* Carry your own charging cable
*Charge directly from electrical outlet only
* Carry portable batteries called power banks
* If there is no power socket and only USB ports, try charging your power bank using that and then charge your phone with the power bank.
* Use data blocker. It is a USB device similar to a pen drive and can be connected with your USB cable. You can then plug the cable into an available USB charging port.

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