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Indian Railways will provide free food if the train is late by several hours

Leaving for a train journey just to find that your train is running late by hours can be no less than a nightmare. Unexpected train delays cause inconvenience to passengers but Indian Railways makes sure to cover it for them. Train delays can happen due to any number of reasons, from excessive fog to operational works on railway tracks. Therefore, to compensate for such situations, the Railways has a provision to provide free food to the passengers. There is a provision in express trains like Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express and Shatabdi Express, where they have to provide free food to passengers in case the train is delayed by more than two hours.

Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express and Shatabdi Express are premium locomotives of Indian Railways and have the best services to offer to their passengers. Hence to maintain the image, Indian Railways ensures that these express trains reach their destination on time, failing which as per rules, passengers are entitled to get free food along with a drink if these premium trains are delayed. running from.

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In addition, passengers have the option of choosing a meal (breakfast, lunch, evening snack, or dinner), depending on what time of day the passengers are traveling.

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