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Indian Railways: IRCTC to start bedroll facility in third AC economy class coaches from tomorrow

Indian Railways is back with yet another service that will make rail travel more comfortable and convenient. Indian Railways has decided to introduce bedroll service for passengers traveling in third AC economy class coaches. Train tickets for such coaches are cheaper than normal third AC class coaches. Railway officials will start providing bedroll facility to customers from September 20. Earlier this service was not available for passengers traveling in AC three tier economy class as these coaches did not have enough space to store linen.

Berth numbers 81, 82 and 83 will be used for keeping bedrolls in each coach for keeping bedrolls in such coaches. Hence, from tomorrow, 20th September, these berth numbers will not be available for reservation for the passengers. However, the passengers who have booked tickets for tomorrow at the respective berths will be accommodated in other coaches under ‘Emergency Quote’. Passengers will also receive an SMS in this regard from the Railways.

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Railway authorities in August restored bedroll facility in air-conditioned coaches of 7 trains, which mainly cover long distance train routes, to facilitate travel for passengers. Bedroll facility has resumed in trains like Garib Rath, Kushinagar Express, Kashi Nagar Express, Panvel Express, Maurya Express and Dehradun Express. Bedroll services were stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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