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Cyrus Mistry crash impact: Government to make seat belt alarm mandatory in cars

Road safety has become one of the most important factors in India after the death of former Tata Sons CEO Cyrus Mistry in a road accident. The government is taking precautionary measures after Mistry’s death. Earlier, the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways had announced mandatory wearing of seat belts, failing which car owners would have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000. About 100 people were challaned after a special drive was launched by the Delhi Police. Now the government can make seat belt alarm mandatory in cars so that people can wear front and rear seat belts.

Audio-video warning for not wearing seat belt

Seat belt alarm to be mandatory in M ​​and N category vehicles

Along with this, over speed alarm will also be mandatory.

– Manual over ride for central lock

Child lock will not be allowed in M1 class vehicles

– Ministry of Transport issued draft notification

Suggestions and objections sought till October 5

– Belt mandatory for all front-facing seats

Government wants to implement it soon

3 level alarm will sound

– Video alert when the car engine is started

– Audio video while driving without belt

– Alarm will continue to sound even if someone opens the belt during the journey

Special arrangement to stop gambling

– The seat belt should be at least 10 mm. must be spread to

– It will prevent a variety of products from warning in the lock

– Car and ride will be much safer

reverse alarm will be mandatory

– Reverse alarm will be mandatory in all M, N category trains

What is m, n range?

– All vehicles with at least 4 wheels

– used for transportation or freight

– This will cover everything from basic to high end vehicles

– All seats should be facing forward



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