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Confused about road signs? Here is a look at lesser known traffic symbols in India

Traffic symbols are of utmost importance when it comes to road safety as they are the silent speakers on the road. Road signs often help prevent road accidents as they inform drivers of upcoming incidents and serve as a life saver. From pedestrians to drivers, everyone should at least have a good knowledge of traffic sign boards before exiting. It is essential to be familiar with the traffic signs and symbols before getting a driving license in India. A few weeks back, a Bengaluru man expressed concern about a lesser-known traffic signal that caught the eye of netizens and the Bengaluru traffic police.

“What traffic symbol is this? @wftrps @blrcitytraffic It is placed just before the Hopefarm signal! #Curious,” read the tweet. Bengaluru Traffic Police has responded by explaining the meaning of the tweet. “Dear Sir, This is a warning board that tells about a possible blind person on the road. Be careful while driving. There is a blind school at Hopefarm Junction where this board is installed. Regards,” read the tweet from Bengaluru Traffic Police.

There are times when riders, drivers and pedestrians get confused as to what a traffic signal really means. So, here’s a look at the lesser-known traffic symbols in India along with their meanings.

Lesser known traffic signs and their meanings in India:

loose gravel

A loose gravel sign warns drivers that the road on which they are driving is covered with loose gravel. When drivers/riders see a loose sign of gravel, they should slow down, keep control of their vehicle and allow extra space ahead. Do not brake suddenly or take sharp turns as this can cause you to slip.

warning sign for blind people

This is a cautionary sign board that tells about a potential blind person on the road. Therefore, drivers/riders are requested to be careful while driving. You will find this sign board mostly where there are blind schools nearby.

Dangerous plunge ahead

This traffic sign board indicates that there is a roundabout ahead and the driver has to take the relevant lane well before turning around. This sign warns that there is a dip in the road ahead. Therefore, as soon as the driver/rider sees this signal, they should slow down to cross the plunge on the road.

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