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Coffee Board to develop sustainability code

According to KG Jagdish, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the Board, the Coffee Board is coming up with a sustainability code for Indian coffee.

Mr Jagdish told Hindu, On the sidelines of the United Planters Association of Southern India’s annual convention in Coonoor on Monday, that Indian coffee was uniquely grown amidst dense flora and fauna, hand-picked and sun-dried.

But, the features were not highlighted while shipping the coffee. Although several international certifications were available, these were not economical for farmers and did not guarantee a high price.

“So, we thought we should come up with a code. It is about sustainable practices and not quality and the aim is to build a brand image for Indian coffee. We are developing a code that will be implemented by extension workers. and will be made available to the farmers through the unions.

The board has prepared the draft and is in talks with global agencies to develop it as a programme. The code is likely to be implemented in the next six to 12 months.

On price volatility, Mr. Jagdish said that Brazil’s crop has been affected by frost and hence Indian coffee has good prices this year. He added that this trend is expected to continue for a few years and the focus should be on quality improvement during this period.

The post blossom forecast for coffee in 2022-2023 is 3.93 lakh tonnes, an increase of 51,000 tonnes over 2021-2022. He said the exports in 2021-2022 were 4.19 lakh tonnes and if there is no crop damage due to monsoon during the next two months, the exports are expected to be same or better than last year.

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