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Baby stops breathing air in flight, retired nurse rescues baby in time: Watch video

A shocking incident occurred on a Spirit Airlines flight that took off from Pittsburgh-Orlando when a child on board stopped breathing air. A three-month-old girl named Angel was flying with her parents on Spirit Airlines’ NK1691, operated by an Airbus A320-200, when the horrific incident took place. Shortly after the plane took off from Pittsburgh, the cabin crew heard an announcement, “We have a baby not breathing,” which a retired nurse, Tamara Panzino, rushed to rescue the baby. The parents of the child got scared but the nurse came on time. He noticed that the child was choking, and that his lips and skin were turning blue.

The video went viral on Twitter and netizens praised the nurse extensively. The video currently has over 134.3K views and is full of positive comments. The child in the video has made a full recovery and the passengers on board applauded the nurse on the flight.

“I saw a baby [with] Head back, blue lips, and her skin turning blue, clearly in distress and not breathing. And my heart just dropped,” Panzino said, reports SimplyFlying. Panzino began rubbing the baby’s chest and trying to make her cry or take a deep breath. Within minutes the baby’s complexion started to look better. Within minutes, the baby was home free, the color came back, I heard breathing, and I heard my heartbeat. Oh my god, a total relief,” Panzino said, reports Simpleflying.

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Due to the promptness of the cabin crew and the ‘heroic’ actions of the nurse, the child soon recovered and was able to breathe again.

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