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Aviation regulator DGCA has made breath analyzer test mandatory for all pilots, cabin crew from this day.

All aircraft personnel, including pilots and cabin crew members, will undergo breath analysis test from October 15, DGCA lifting the related restrictions due to the pandemic. Amid the pandemic, the breath analyzer test that is done to check whether a crew member has consumed alcohol was limited to 50 per cent of the aircraft crew. Also, following an order passed by the Delhi High Court in May 2021, the number of breath analysis tests that can be done in an hour was limited to six.

The restrictions have now been lifted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) after the court modified its order passed in May 2021. With the latest changes, all flight and cabin crew members will be subject to breath analyzer testing. 15 October as per DGCA order.

In view of reducing the number of COVID-19 cases and increasing air traffic volume as well as relaxations granted by the court, the DGCA said that the Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) related breath analyzer test for aircraft personnel has been reinstated. has gone. ,

As a part of the precautions, the regulator said that as far as possible the breath analysis test should be done in a large and open area with CCTV coverage or camera recording. Doctors, paramedics and nurses authorized to conduct the test should first check for symptoms of coronavirus infection in the person.

“If a person is found to have symptoms of COVID-19, that person will be exempted from the BA (Breathe Analyzer) test and removed from duty.” , Records are to be maintained for all such cases,” the DGCA said.

The regulator also said that such cases should not be treated as missed breath analyzer cases. In addition, the person being tested must undergo a rapid antigen test or any other approved test for COVID-19 before joining duty for the test.

According to the DGCA, all breath analyzer equipment should be sanitized using UV sterilizers, and the integrity of the breath analyzer test tube/mouthpiece, as well as sanitary conditions, should be maintained.

The requirement of limiting the number of tests to six per hour and wearing PPE kits by the medical staff involved in conducting the tests has been removed.

Restoration of breath analyzer norms will be effective from October 15 as time has been given to airlines and other relevant entities to make necessary arrangements for the tests. DGCA has reinstated the CAR relating to the procedure for medical examination of aircraft personnel for consumption of alcohol

(with inputs from PTI)

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