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Air India-Vistara merger in discussion, more clarity expected in coming months

Air India and Vistara are two airlines owned by the Indian conglomerate Tata Group and the possibility of their merger has been under speculation for a long time. However, there is still speculation on the subject as there is no official announcement on the subject. However, this has not stopped reports of active discussions among stakeholders regarding the merger. Now, providing a solid insight into the discussions, recently an interview of Vistara chief Vinod Kannan came to light. The interview suggested that the merger would be a better idea in the coming few months.

It is worth noting that even before the return of the control of Air India to the hands of the Tata Group, rumors of a merger of the two airlines have surfaced. It is to be noted that the Indian conglomerate currently owns four Indian airlines, namely Air India, Vistara, AirAsia India and Air India Express. Of these, Air India and Vistara share a lot of similarities for all airlines, and hence their merger talks remain a hot topic in the aviation industry. However, a portion of Vistara’s stake is owned by Singapore Airlines, so its interest has been one of the obstacles to the merger.

However, Vinod Kannan in an interview to Hindustan Times said, “All possibilities are being discussed. Since we are a joint venture, both the shareholders will have to discuss a road map for the future. Will this merger happen? Used to be.” Or we’ll have two different airlines, with all options still on the table. To be sure, discussions have started, and according to me, we should have clarity on this in the next few months.”

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While Kannan shared the possibility of a codeshare agreement in an interview with Hindustan Times, saying, “Air India and Vistara are still independent entities… We don’t have any codeshares with Air India, but we have worked on those lines.” The ‘flight interruption agreement’ … however, if this leads to a commercial agreement such as a codeshare or an interline agreement would probably be the next step, which we have not initiated discussion on.”

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